ApprovalMax Partnership

As we continue to offer our clients the best apps and software solutions available to ease the burden of financial admin, we are pleased to announce we have partnered with ApprovalMax.

What is ApprovalMax?
ApprovalMax is an approval automation app for all your bills and purchase orders. Working with online accounting platforms such as Xero and QuickBooks Online, it replaces paper- and email-based approvals with fully automated multi-role and multi-tiered approval. This means that invoices can be approved by users who don’t need to have access to your accounts software, with clear automated workflows, and ensures spend control and regulatory compliance for both internal accounting and financial service outsourcing organisations.

Why we’re partnering with ApprovalMax?
We’ve heard from our clients the difficulties being faced when trying to set up and maintain an approval system for their accounts payables and receivables. So when we heard about ApprovalMax we knew this was the perfect solution to automate the process.

Together with other efficiency apps, ApprovalMax increases team productivity in accounting and enhances client collaboration.
The key functionality of ApprovalMax includes:

  • flexible approval rules of any complexity,
  • option to authorise requests from the email notification,
  • automated tracking of all approval-related activities with audit trails and detailed audit reports.

In addition with the mobile app users can approve and create purchase orders and bills on-the-go.

How do I find out more?
Look out for more articles explaining the key functionalities of ApprovalMax in the coming months. If you think ApprovalMax could be useful for your organisation, get in touch with our outsourcing department to find out more.

Source: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 13:40:35 +0100