In Conversation with Ajay Bahl

Ajay Bahl has enjoyed an illustrious career here at Wenn Townsend since his arrival in 1990, before making partner in 2003. A charismatic individual, Ajay has earnt himself a reputation as someone well-respected and trusted within the firm, the partner to whom clients and staff alike often turn for assistance and guidance. To get to know Ajay better, we asked him a few questions about how he got to this point in his career and what motivates him in his role within the firm:

  1. What do you enjoy most about your job?
    The variety. Every day brings a different challenge. We are a people business, helping clients meet their short, medium, and long term objectives and going on the journey with them.
  2. What has been the defining moment in your career to date?
    There are a few. If I had to choose one, it would be the 3-day assessment to determine if I possessed the skills, aptitude, and personality to become a Wenn Townsend partner. This was before executive search techniques and strategies, which are now common, were being widely used. Even if you already thought you had what it took, the affirmation that you possess the ethos and duty to clients, fellow partners and staff, to become a Wenn Townsend partner and carry on the responsibility of running a 140 year-old (and counting!) independent accountancy practice is the standout defining moment.
  3. Who would be the dream client?
    Beyonce. No seriously, Beyonce. No seriously. A cliché it may be but I truly learn so much from all my clients. As a partner, you are responsible for running Wenn Townsend’s business and any business owner is an entrepreneur I always learn something from. The pandemic has been a challenge. Hopefully I have assisted my clients to navigate the business issues. We were all in the dark at times but concentrating on the basics, ensuring staff were supported while they transitioned to working from home, keeping internet security up to date, carefully managing cash flow and communicating issues in a timely manner all helped. Ensuring my clients accessed government support quickly and efficiently was also key to businesses surviving.
  4. How would you want your colleagues or clients to describe you?
    Someone who has their best interests at heart and they would not hesitate to turn to.
  5. What do you most want to achieve in your career?
    Help grow a 21st Century business services practice that becomes the go-to for businesses seeking timely, relevant and up to date advice. Standing on the shoulders of giants we are making excellent progress. Hopefully my contribution will help pass a stronger firm to the next generation.
Source: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 11:18:23 +0100