In Conversation with Andrew Rodzynski

Since starting at Wenn Townsend as our newest partner Andrew has made an impact, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience whilst integrating with the team brilliantly, always being a friendly face on the other end of the video call. To find out a bit more about Andrew and what motivates him as an accountant we asked him a few questions to allow him to introduce himself:

  1. How have you found your time working at Wenn Townsend so far?
    I’ve just finished my first month and it’s been fantastic!  Beyond the initial warm welcome, I have felt very supported by my colleagues, at all levels, from help with basic processes through to cover whilst I was away on paternity leave!  I’m also proud of the fact that we recorded a helpful video on the key changes in the recent budget, on my third day, and that it’s been so popular.  It also helps to have already acquired some new clients and leads in my first month!
  2. What do you enjoy most about your job?
    The people, whether its clients or staff.  It is always a huge privilege when a client shares their world with you, wants your advice and lets you be part of their successful journey.  That world is often one that I would not otherwise see and one of the benefits of having a wide sector experience is that you can help so many clients.  Equally, the clients are supported by all the staff and therefore I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the staff, supporting them where I can and witnessing them develop first-hand.
  3. What has been the defining moment in your career to date?
    Whilst I think increasingly there is real value in our sector from providing an efficient, effective, prompt and personal service to clients, there is generally nothing better for me than when you receive genuine appreciation from clients for whatever you’ve done, even if it’s just meeting a tight deadline.  One particular case was helping a family run corporate audit client navigate its succession planning to the next generation. It involved balancing the interests of the ongoing business, the personal financial positions of all the family members and the tax implications for all!
  4. Who would be the dream client?
    I have experience in, and enjoy, working with a broad range of sectors from Corporates and Charities, to Oxford University Colleges.  Each has it’s own particular objectives for the work they’re engaging us in and for their organisation. The clients that are willing to share those with me and challenge us to find solutions to the obstacles they face are always interesting.
  5. How would you want your colleagues or clients to describe you?
    I would hope that they would describe me as supportive and generous with my time, interested in what they do, and passionate about what we do.
  6. What do you most want to achieve in your career?
    When I retire from Wenn Townsend, decades into the future, I want to look back having contributed positively to the growth of the firm, the ways in which we can support our clients, the environment our staff work in and their development.
Source: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 10:44:50 +0100